Despite being a peaceful Yoga Therapist living a calm and enjoyable life, I have experienced night terrors for decades. As a 12 year old I slept walk out of my parents front door setting off our house alarm, in college I would jump off my bunk bed and run out of the dorm room, not ever remembering anything but luckily waking up in my bed. As my meditation and yoga practices advanced, I found myself experiencing violent night terrors where I would wake up screaming for my life, much to the dismay of my husband or any other unfortunate person who happened to be sleeping in my room during yoga retreats or vacations. My best friend has even researched sleep clinics for me to get help! In the fall of 2013 I had a particularly bad string of episodes where I found myself fearful of going to bed. I knew it was time to seek attention and called my dear friend Dana Conley to schedule a hypnotherapy session with the intention of figuring this out.


Dana is a highly skilled therapist with extensive backgrounds in numerous healing modalities. She is nurturing, loving and supportive, knowing exactly how to create a safe, healing space for her students / clients. As I was feeling shaken and vulnerable due to my night terrors, she immediately calmed my mind and nervous system in her beautiful home healing sanctuary. Her soothing voice and guided visualizations allowed me to transcend my conscious waking state and dive deep into my unconscious mind and stored experiences. I was able to remain in this deep state of consciousness for almost two hours (although it felt like 15 minutes) and re-live experiences that were weighing on my mind in the present. I gained invaluable insight into the specific lessons I am here to learn and overcome, as well as reaffirmed my purpose in this lifetime. I walked away from our session feeling calm, clearheaded and powerful and.... as far as I know, I have not had a night terror since! I have not woken myself up screaming since that hypnotherapy session in October 2013 and my husband hasn't reported anything unusual, so something shifted or was released from my unconscious mind during that session. I am beyond grateful to Dana Conley and her transformative healing work, I would recommend ANYBODY and EVERYBODY to Dana, as a Yoga Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher, Counselor, Massage Therapist and Life Coach, as she brings in a wealth of knowledge that is unparalleled to which I can personally attest.


When I sought Dana's help, I was in severe emotional and physical pain. I had experienced several, major life-changing events 3-6 months prior to seeing her and needed help releasing them and moving through them through the use of reiki.  Dana held an incredibly kind and loving space during her sessions with me and created a safe space to release the energy, emotions and blocks that were causing me pain and holding me back. She did in one session what my chiropractor only partially alleviated in 3 or 4 sessions and after our work together, I felt a relief of pain and a sense of lightness, ease and happiness, noticing a greater ease of movement and a change for the better overall in my thoughts, feelings and well-being. Dana truly cares about helping people move through their difficulties in life and she is truly in her genius in doing so!   If anyone questions the value of your healing work, I'd be happy to share my experience in more detail. Thank you Dana!!


My Hypnotherapy session with Dana was an incredible experience. I’ve tried Hypnosis in the past and never really achieved the deep relaxation necessary to surrender to the experience. Dana created a peaceful space which allowed me to feel safe; combined with her beautiful, calming voice, I went very deep and was able to access my subconscious. Dana guided me through the questions we agreed upon in advance and I received the answers I was seeking – what a wonderful gift!


Well we can say that session was pretty powerful! Pondering upon it, one definitely needs to let those guards down to open up to an amazing realm. Thanks for providing a safe space for me to allow these guards down. You showed me an unconditional presence, and allowed spirit to flow through the work. That night I went to a play that had some sad parts which facilitated the rest of the crying I needed to pour out. After all, the heart cleanses through tears. I knew I had some stuff in there but didn't realize tapping into it from your work would access it so quickly and profoundly. This helped me reorganize my priorities in my own self work and set forth my needed intention. Looking forward to our next session!


Dana has very good energy so automatically I felt very comfortable with her and was able to share a lot of situations, issues and areas I wanted to work on with her.  During my Hypnosis session I felt very relaxed, and had various realizations and breakthroughs that came about which turned into an emotional release.  Since my session with Dana, I have now become aware of why I have chosen to act a certain way and how I am now able to change my reactions to various situations.  I highly recommend Dana for her services.


I received profound relaxation from my hypnotherapy session with Dana and am still, after many months, able to access a visualization that is very effective in relieving stressful situations.  In another session, Dana gave me a tool to use that taps into the various centers in the body to keep me grounded and present during my work with clients. Through tapping (EFT), I realize I now have a tool for healing, for decision making, for overcoming habits and conditionings through the mind-body connection. Just today I woke up with a Real and Deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and healing, and how we get to "essence" through the body.  EFT is a tool to get there-a natural prescriptive medicine that targets certain symptoms or areas of the body that are needy or deficient.


Hi Dana, it's been a week now since I saw you for the session for the transformational hypnotherapy and I have to tell you that I have felt pretty confident since then. I have been listening to the CD that you gave me and have been trying to practice positive affirmations whenever I have some quiet time.  Whenever negative thoughts want to sneak in, I just tell myself something positive or practice the EFT.

There was a verbal confrontation with a disruptive co-worker at the end of last week and I was amazed how composed and calm I remained. Assertive, but calm.

I just wanted to give you an update and thank you again for providing me with some positive tools to increase my self confidence and calm attitude.


I believe that EFT and Hypnotherapy are useful when integrated into anyone's mental and emotional life. Dana Conley not only skillfully teaches the process, but her gentle, loving and caring way enhances the ease of which the skill takes hold and becomes part of daily life.


What a remarkable experience. First of all, Dana holds such a loving, warm and peaceful space for deeper healing.  Second, after one loving and graceful EFT session with Dana, back pain I was experiencing melted away, by the next morning it was completely gone.  After several sessions with Dana, I have been able to more consistently stay in the present and hold in my loving and joy.  And lastly, Dana has given me the most wonderful gift of all, the wisdom to trust in my own inner knowing.


Hi Dana,

I just wanted to share a good story with you. We met last week at an EFT session.

Over the weekend I was called in to work and was VERY anxious about a deadline. I kept having high anxiety, racing thoughts, upset. I couldn’t sleep Saturday night. I was miserable.

Yesterday, I decided to give the EFT a try for this issue. It worked! I am thrilled! I was very specific about how I was feeling and I’m sure that helped. I see now that I must be as specific as I can be in order to deal with different issues.

I want to thank you for introducing this to me and providing an alternative to feeling crazy and anxious and bad.



I recently worked with Dana in an effort to clear my house of years of clutter. She helped me through several sessions with exercises that focused on my attitudes towards the clearing. We also worked with positive affirmations, which seemed silly at first, but really worked on my motivation and goals, producing real results. I would like to say that my house is as neat as a pin, but it is not. The point is, that she helped me to be happy with little bits of progress which I am making every day. I am happier in my home, my relationship with my husband is better, and the clearing of my home's clutter is helping me in my spiritual seeking. I am indeed happy with the results that came from just a few sessions with Dana.

Dana is a warm, caring individual who is very gifted. I am grateful that I have crossed her path. I have learned and continue to learn many things from her that have enriched my spiritual and meditative quest.


Words cannot describe the gratitude I have towards Dana for all the positive change she has helped me to accomplish over the last 2 months; she is an amazing coach! Before working with her I felt I was lacking direction in my life and needed to regain self-confidence that I had lost. After only 4 sessions, I noticed significant changes in my life, I began to set goals and face the things that I once feared. I accomplished every single one of the goals I set with her during our initial evaluation plus I gained a new lease on life! I began a new career path in physical therapy and let go of the things that no longer served me. Not only did my professional life benefit, my personal relationships have grown as well thanks to my participation in the coaching process. I would highly recommend Dana’s coaching to anyone that is struggling with path and purpose or just needs a mentor; she is truly gifted. If you have any questions regarding her coaching or healing work please email me at


I was able to experience two months of “Life Coaching” with Dana Conley and it was so inspirational. The training truly changed bad habits that I had created and increased the good habits. It made me aware of the “negativity trap” that I had fallen into even though I have been a very optimistic person my entire life. Dana gave me tools and mental exercises that certainly affected me on a conscious level, but more importantly on a deeper, sub-conscious level. Since the conclusion of my coaching, I exercise more, eat a bit better, have my confidence back, and work more efficiently. The coaching has expanded my bandwidth where I have felt there was no more to give, while allowing me to set appropriate boundaries!


My coaching session with Dana was amazing.  I loved utilizing the Life Harmony Wheel.  I refer to this in my mind often as a reference point to where and how I am participating in my daily life.  Dana's incredible listening skills, and ability to be fully present, wove together all aspects of my life to reveal a comprehensive plan to guide me in moving forward on ideals and goals that are important to me. Thank you, Dana!!


I went to see Dana at a creatively stuck point in my life.  My mind had been whirling around in my own stagnant thoughts and limited beliefs.  The meditation/guided imagery sessions followed by the one-to-one coaching session coaxed me out of my negative patterns, assisting me to find clarity and start moving forward again.  Thank you.


I just wanted to write to you and tell you how thankful I have been that my girls have gotten so much help from you. Some of what “A” was (and still is) going through was physical – low thyroid and low iron – but you gave her some tools to help with relaxation and self-care that have been a great help to her. But “B”…oh my goodness…”B” is like a new person. She is happier, she smiles more, her sound sensitivities do not seem to be as severe, she does not stress as much over things as she used to, she is enjoying family time more, she is a delight to be around again – basically I feel like I got my daughter back, and I am so grateful!! I don’t know where she is on her package of sessions, but I think she definitely would benefit from another round.

Thank you!! I am so happy that A found you!

Take care –


I have been going to Dana Conley's Restorative Yoga and Meditation classes for about 6 months and am completely hooked on the soothing quality of all that she does.  I began her classes after suffering an injury to my foot and left leg, never realizing how many facets of my life her techniques would reach.  Not only have I learned to listen to my own body to fully realize health and well-being but I have tapped into an incredibly peaceful way of life to carry through my entire day.  At times when I cannot make it to class due to schedule conflicts, I can actually hear her calming, reassuring voice guiding me into a more relaxed state.

Dana's peaceful nature ripples off her and touches and transforms those who are blessed enough to know her.  My hope is that I can continue that effect to all in my life.


M is doing incredibly well.  Since starting meditation, she has been so much calmer and better able to regulate her emotions.  She actually has some OCD habits like nervously pulling her hair out creating bald spots in the front of her hair and getting so angry that she would scratch herself on her arms.  Little things would cause her to just fly off the handle and overreact to situations.  I haven't seen any of that behavior in months!

She also has been able to sit and focus on her schoolwork before she would literally sit for a minute or two then get up unable to concentrate.  She also used to not be able to calm her mind down at night and would not be able to go to sleep then she would freak out because she could not sleep.  We have not had that problem since she started meditation.  Your sessions have been the miracle my husband and I have been praying for years.  Thank you for your kindness to M.  Thank you for all your work with her.



I went to 2 hypnotherapy workshops & 1 intro to meditation class.  I enjoyed them all as I enjoy the presenter so much. For me, if I don't click with the teacher, the subject is just blah. On the other hand, if an instructor is interesting, well-spoken & kind-hearted, I can learn anything.  Dana has these positive qualities & more & that is why my belief system in the first place was shifted in order to even take these classes.

In the hypnotherapy class, we learned about hypnotherapy & stress reduction (for the holidays). I was completely involved & had some major breakthrough "visions" that helped me overcome ‘being with family’ issues.  I used the image & the mantra & the CD & the breathing to get me through & it worked!  The next hypnotherapy class dealt more with knowing & following your passion.  In this session, again, I was gently guided to look deeply inside myself & this time my vision was so clear & different than what I thought it would be that I was stunned!  I did not want to participate in sharing it because it was rather personal.  I have since used those CDs whenever I need guidance & have even bought some for friends who also believe that at the very least, they are relaxing & can transport you. Thanks, Dana.


Dana’s inspiring and motivational lessons taught me that the universe is always working for us and the results for me personally have been amazing and unbelievable at times. I can’t thank Dana enough for teaching me practical ways to harness my thoughts into reality. Before working with Dana, I always had dreams of having a part-time business but I was always afraid to take the initial steps. After taking her Infinite Possibilities workshop, I gained the tools and mostly importantly, the courage to move toward my dream and it has thus far been a great success!

Having the courage to start a successful business, choosing to surround myself with positive like-minded individuals, and the ability to continuously visualize my goals and dreams, have significantly improved my life. If you are considering taking this course, and have any questions, I would be happy to speak with you personally.


My name is Celia, and I have to start out by saying my experience with Dana Conley - ever since I met her - has been a god send.

I heard about her class Infinite Possibilities after we had finished up a wonderful yoga class that I frequent and Dana teaches. She started out by asking us a few questions, and felt she was pretty much talking to me!

So I took the plunge, and so glad I did. Since my experience, I have learned that life is just waiting for me to create it! And that with my faith, and positive energy, thoughts really do become things!

Dana taught our classes with such care and sensitivity to our beliefs and or concerns.

Let me tell ya, my life has changed for the better.

Before, I used to think negatively. My son sometimes called me "negative Nellie.” I always had this thing in my mind that most people/situations were bad. Which stalled my goals, dreams, and aspirations.

But with Infinite Possibilities I have learned to change those thoughts!

I will give you an example.. I used to always dread taking my car in to get serviced... I decided to switch that thought to a good thought when I kept getting a voice (I think it was God ). saying "take the car in, Celia." So I thought  to myself, "I WILL take my car in, everything is gonna be fine, and the guys at the dealership are honest and trustworthy...”

After about and hour of waiting I see the mechanic rep walking towards me with some paperwork. He sat down and said " You need a new radiator and transmission".

But before I had a chance to process and respond, he finished up by saying, “BUT your warranty had been extended to cover this work because of a faulty valve that our car manufacturer installed. You’re lucky you came in when you did, because this warranty was gonna expire in 3 months".

Ok! So, wow! Yeah!

I credit that with the tools that Infinite Possibilities and Dana helped me realize god had given me! I listened to my inner voice, I changed my negative thoughts, and now I'm enjoying all the benefits of living life with purpose!

I have seen all the goals that I intend to accomplish, unwrapping and popping up in mysterious ways, I have so many stories like the one above.. I can't write all of them..

But if you are interested in asking me, shoot me an email, at


And if you do decide to take this course, put all your worries behind, go into it with an open mind, heart and spirit.


Dana has your best interest, she is a great coach, and a Gem which you will notice just radiates love.  Blessed to have her in my life. Thank you for everything Dana!


Love and hugs,


Mastermind is an inspiring, empowering program that encouraged me to stay focused on achieving my life goal(s) by tapping into my personal strengths and following my bliss.  It provided much-needed direction for me, someone with an incredibly busy mind, to stay the course and gain the confidence to begin living a more-fulfilling life.


Learning to meditate has been one of the most rewarding skills I have learned. Combining the techniques I learned in my MPowered sessions with meditation was an unexpected and powerful force that opened my mind to explore possibilities and dreams I was not previously thinking about or exploring... My outlook on my life and my world has changed for the better in positive ways I was not expecting!


If you are ready to grow and learn more about yourself and your thoughts, this class is for you.

Dana provides tools and meditations to use during and after the class is finished to further your self-awareness...


As a practicing Psychotherapist for over 40 years, I certainly have had an ongoing need to recharge and center myself, as it is easy to get lost in my clients’ reality.  Being in the presence of Dana and open to her guidance has helped me exhale, in all ways possible.  Dana is very good at what she does.


Love you, Dana!

So happy you happened into my life... Can you believe that I still listen to that tape you made religiously every day!  I honestly believe that time I spend meditating each day has brought so many miracles into my life and I am forever grateful.  Everything has changed and yet, nothing has ... same crazy life, but my response is so different.  I don't force a different response, it just is different and I know it is from that time that I allow myself to slow down and to connect with myself.

You truly are such a blessing and I am so happy that your life keeps giving you such beautiful miracles too... it's really fun to watch it all unfold (we just have to keep reminding ourselves to trust, don't we :)

Love to you always,


Hi Dana,

I am traveling this week. I have been listening to your 35-minute program and relaxing under the waterfall before I go to sleep at night.

I have no problems going to sleep or staying asleep which is typically a problem when I travel.

Thank you for putting that CD together I love it!

Take care,


Dana's presence is calm, attentive, clarifying and she possesses great healing energy. My EFT, Yoga, meditation and talk-therapy experience with Dana has been rewarding and successful. I highly recommend Dana for her vast knowledge in whole self healing therapies. She radiates love.


I've had the pleasure of working with Dana over the course of two years or so, both in private sessions, group sessions and workshops. It's been an amazing ride! I’ve experienced so much focus and change in my life based on her wonderful, caring, insightful guidance!

It began with some fuzzy dreams of wanting to de-clutter my home. I also wanted to get some travel in. Worrying about "HOWs" was a big stumbling block for me. Through guided meditation, journaling and discussion, I ended up being very open to welcoming change into my life. I even learned to be “O.K.” with not being certain how it would happen! Essentially, I just followed the path laid out before me, and took advantage of the signals.

So, I DID de-clutter my home...but this happened due to a move to another state, to a town where I never would have dreamed I’d be living! I was even able to get my husband on board with all the changes a move like this entails. We have a new home, in a new place and we're enjoying the benefits of a smaller town with wide, open spaces. From idea to reality in about 9 months. Though the process of selling a home and buying a home, I kept my faith that the “HOWs” would all work themselves out – not always easy, but it did work.

Now, I have some NEW fuzzy dreams, and you know I’m counting on Dana to help see me through as this new chapter unfolds.